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AQUA RAIN SYSTEM is a company that specializes in clean water for your whole family. We provide water Purifier, water Filters,Aqua Grant pus,Aqua,misty Fresh,Dolphin,Pure H2O, Swan Digital Plus,Softner,Domastic RO 50liter,and reverse osmosis filters. Our AquaPro water treatment system is an exclusive whole house stainless steel water conditioner with softening, anti-microbial, chemical reduction and fine particle filtration media. Our high capacity resin and anti-microbial media inhibits bacteria growth within the system, and provides clean water for your whole house, while reducing chlorine, calcium, and magnesium buildup and other possibly harmful byproducts of untreated water. You'll gain peace of mind as you provide the highest quality water for the health and wellness of your family.

The quality of drinking water is weakening day by day.One has to drink water now even bore well,Overhead storage tanks and water tankers,besides municipal tap water.These water source generally contain bacteria,viruses as well as more dissolved impurities like salts and harmful chemicals.

In today's over 100 core people do not access to safe drinking water there by increase risk to various water borne diseases and ailments.

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